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Dax filter measure by another measure

As you can see above I have demonstrated how to leverage DAX measures so that it will display the values in a way that is meaningful to the end users of the report. This will help them easily understand the data that they are looking at, and not have to second question or double check to see if the figures are the ones that they are expecting.

The requirement is to calculate sales, but only for months that have achieved a profit. DAX. Copy. Sales for Profitable Months = CALCULATE( [Sales], FILTER( VALUES('Date' [Month]), [Profit] > 0) ) ) In this example, the FILTER function must be used. It's because it requires evaluating the Profit measure to eliminate those months that didn't.

The shortened output from this piece of DAX is: The points of note in this simple example are: Any filters have to be added after columns of data and before the measures or calculations.; Simple filters use the FILTER() function and specify:; A table to filter (VALUES() is used to return a unique list of elements)The expression to be evaluated.

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Final result of my measure will be: 5+4+2 = 11. 我的测量的最终结果将是:5 + 4 + 2 = 11。 I calculated measures by below code for all 3 products separetly. 我分别按以下代码针对所有3种产品计算了度量。 And SUM result of 3 measures in a other measure.

The general idea. When using slicers in Power BI reports, multiple selections filter data with OR logic. For example, if you have a slicer with products and your visuals are displaying total number of invoices, then when "bicycles" and "helmets" are selected in the products slicer your visual will show the number of invoices that.

To create this measure, you filter the table, Internet Sales USD, by using Sales Territory, and then use the filtered table in a SUMX function. We simply define as "filter context" the set of filters applied to the evaluation of a DAX expression — usually a measure — regardless of how they have been generated. Conclusion.

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